San Francisco, CA - September 7-9, 2018          UK - September 27-30,2018

Routines, habits and commitments fill our days.

Time flies and we look back wondering where did the time go and was it wisely spent?
Seldom do we have the opportunity to reflect deeply on the mindsets, practices and actions
that are limiting us from leading a life of greater joy and fulfillment. Nor do we take the time to honor and benefit from the wisdom of those that have gone before and left, as their legacy, their insights and learning about the real issues that give meaning to our lives: our relationships, family, society, the arts and the sacred. There is much wisdom to help us in our journey.

The Good Life Seminar is a gift we give ourselves.

It’s a time to stop, gather with a diverse and exceptional group of individuals and reflect
deeply on how we are living our lives, managing our relationships and handling our priorities.

Utilizing and inspired by the thoughts and writings of great poets, philosophers, playwrights and social scientists, the seminar provides a unique opportunity for authentic dialogue and exchange with others grappling with similar issues. It’s an opportunity to learn, change mindsets and hopefully make choices that will make our future much more rewarding than the past.

We cannot promise you the answers, but we can promise you an enriching and unforgettable experience.

What are the Good Life Seminar outcomes you can expect?

  •  A true retreat to explore current and future transitions in your life
  •  Gain inspiration and wisdom from reading and discussing with others, great
     literature from the past
  •  Get new perspectives from active dialogue and exchange with remarkable individuals
  •  Realign authentically with your true priorities, passion and values.
  •  Develop a plan of action to put in practice your new insights
  •  Become part of a global alumni of like minded-individuals to help you in your journey

We hope you will join us in the wonderful adventure.

For more information, please see the attached document or feel free to contact us at:

John R. O’Neil   San Francisco, CA - September 7-9, 2018

Tony Bury   UK - September 27-30, 2018